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УДК 669.14
Mikhaylov M.S.1
  • [1] Сentral research institute of structural materials "Prometey"
  • The study of carbide formation in middle-carbon high-strength steels
    The paper examined the process of carbide formation and phase transformations in the medium-carbon high-strength steels for the agricultural industry. The research was performed by analysis of differential dilatometric curves and transmission electron microscopy.
    Keywords: middle-carbon highstrength steel, carbides, diathometry, TEM.

    УДК 621.742.4
    Ospennikova O.G.1, L.I. Rassohina1, P.I. Parfenovich1
  • [1] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • Development of the compositions оf the model compositions of a new generation with improved characteristics for the manufacture of blades and other turbine engine parts
    The results of studies of the development of the composition of the model composition of a new generation for the manufacture of lost wax models of parts of gas turbine engines were discussed. Experimental compositions of the model compositions were tasted and their physic-mechanical properties and rheological characteristics were studied. The interaction of the model composition with the materials of ceramic forms, including the oxides of rare earth metals was studied. The ceramic forms were made by serial technology using the model composition MK-24. The ceramic forms were filled with alloy VZHL21 on the installation UPPF-U. Quality control of castings by non-destructive methods showed the absence of metallurgical defects. The developed compositions fully meet of domestic and foreign counterparts, as evidenced by the test results. The following names were assigned to the model compositions: VIAM MK-1 (MK-24), VIAM MK-2 (MK-26), VIAM MK-L (VIAM-2MK).
    Keywords: investment casting, model compositions, shell shape, polymeric resin, terephtalic acid, gas-turbine engine blade

    УДК 669.715
    Naumova E.A.1
  • [1] Bauman Moscow State Technical University
  • Effect of heat treatment on the structure and hardening of the eutectic alloy based system Al–Ca with the addition of scandium
    It was investigated the changes in the structure and properties of the alloys Al–7,6Cа and Al–7,6Ca–0,3Sc during annealing. Separately considered the influence of changes in eutectic intermetallic compounds to changes in hardness and the impact of nanoparticles Al3Sc in the process of disintegration of the solid solution of aluminum. The disintegration of the aluminum solid solution studied directly in the heating process in the column of an electron microscope.
    Keywords: Al–Ca–Sc, nanoparticles Al3Sc, heat treatment, fragmentation, spheroidization, eutectic, hardening.

    УДК 621.762.4.04
    The paper is devoted to research the structure of interphase boundaries in solid alloys received by explosive pressing the powder mixtures of chromium carbide Cr3C2 and titanium. Using the electron microscopy established that similar boundaries have a final thickness over which there is a smooth change in the chemical composition of the material with complicated crystalline structure.
    Keywords: chromium carbide, titanium, explosive compacting of powders.

    category: Testing of materials and structures
    УДК 539.26:548.4
    Treninkov I.A.2
  • [2] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • High speed x-ray laboratory setup for determination of single-сrystal orientation and evaluation of structure perfection
    We have demonstrated a high speed of operation and an efficiency of the experimental laboratory setup under control of the software module including a system of recognition of the single-crystal Laue diffraction pattern.
    Keywords: Laue method, determination of a single-crystal orientation.

    category: Heat-resistant materials
    УДК 66.017
    Studying the phase formation processes and sintering of aluminum silicate glass-ceramics, synthesized by sol-gel method, and composite materials based on it, with high dilatometry, differential scanning calorimetry, electron microscopy and x-ray analysis
    Using sol-gel method, spark plasma sintering and hot pressing the powders of Sr-anorthite glass-ceramics and composite materials on its basis are synthesized. The phase for-mation processes and sintering proceeding at their synthesis are studied. Work is carried out within implementation of the complex direction 14.1 «Constructional ceramic composite materials (CCM)» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030»)
    Keywords: composite materials, Sr-anorthite, glass-ceramics, sol-gel, silicon nitride, spark plasma sintering

    category: Structural metallic materials
    УДК 669.018
    Doriomedov M.S.1
  • [1] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • Advanced materials for arctic application
    The article discusses the materials for use in cold climates developed in the recent time, potential consumers and producers of such materials, as well as other companies whose activity is connected with development of materials
    Keywords: material, cold climate.

    category: Scientific reports
    УДК 771.531.37:778.33
    Review of radiographic films of Russian market and their technical specifications
    Conducted a review of radiographic films of Russian market and their technical specifications. Reviewed by briefly topical questions for the consumer of radiographic films. Made comparison characteristics Russian and foreign films. Shows that most characteristics of radiographic films of domestic producers have qualitatively and quantitatively different from those adopted in the world. Therefore compare the specified radiographic films on a uniform classification system incorrectly and cannot be reliably. The main reason is that radiographic films standardized according to different parameters and different test methods.
    Keywords: radiographic films, comparison of characteristics, classification systems, difference in testmethods.

    category: Composite materials
    УДК 620.1:678.8
    Microstructure and Properties of the Structural Composite Material at Static Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Test
    Experimental data on the interlaminar fracture toughness GIс and GIIс of layered polymeric composite materials based on carbon and glass fillers of various textile forms are given. The temperature effect in the range from 24 to 150°C on the interlayer fracture toughness under mode II for unidirectional CFRP T-800HB/VSE-1212 and particular fractographic destruction are described.
    Keywords: : interlaminar fracture toughness, fracture mode, laminate