Protection against climatic and microbiological degradations

№6, 2016
УДК 678.026
Petrov N. N.1, Koval T. V.2, Kurganskiy M. A.2, Sheldeshov N. V.2, Panyushkin V. T.2, Bukov N. N.2
  • [1] Limited liability company «Intellectual composition decisions»
  • [2] Federal State Budgetary Institution of the Higher Education «Kuban state university»
    The experience of creating and studying the properties of sandwich systems «epoxy-polyelectrolyte-inorganic counter-ion – modifier/epoxide-carbon filler» was generalized. It has been shown that due to the variable nature of the polyelectrolyte and the modifier been introduced into the polymeric binder may provide protective materials having variable antidegradation and self-diagnostic functions. These functions manifest themselves of speed reduction of underfilm corrosion of metal surfaces from the aging of the coating and variable of electrical resistivity obtained anti-corrosion systems at the loss of their hydroinsulating properties.
    Keywords: variable resistivity, intelligent anticorosive protective materials, the system «polymer-polyelectrolyte».

    №6, 2016
    УДК 620.19
    Karpov V.A.1, Kovalchuk Yu.L.1, Beleneva I.A.2, Petrosyan V.G.1
  • [1] A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution RAS
  • [2] The Institute of marine biology named after A.V. Zhirmunsky FEB RAS
  • The study of the corrosion of metals in tropical marine waters
    Method multisubstrate testing (MST) investigated the activity of biofilm on the samples of carbon steel after exposure in the Dam Bay of the South China sea. The close correlation between the corrosion losses of St. 3 and aktivity. The activity of biofilm on the surface of the steel plates increased with increasing time of exposure in the sea. Confirmed the accuracy and versatility of the method of MST in characterizing biofilms of marine origin.
    Keywords: corrosion losses, the activity of biofilm, the method of MST.

    №6, 2016
    УДК 620.193.21
    Dub A.V.1, Volkova O.V.1
  • [1] National University of Science and Technology MISiS
  • Techniques of assessment and forecasting of corrosion resistance of construction metalwork in different climatic zones
    The report examines the creation of methods forecasting the durability metal elements of construction hinged front systems, based on the results of monitoring of corrosion losses in the operated structures; development of recommendations on the selection of materials for the manufacture of metal construction at both the structural design and in the evaluation of their technical condition during operation.
    Keywords: corrosion resistance of steel structures, durability, aggressiveness atmosphere, climatic tests.

    №5, 2016
    УДК 678.019.32:539.37
    Dobrodushnova V.I.1, Kozlova M.V.1
  • [1] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • The influence of hygrothermal and climatic aging on the thermoplastics deformation patterns
    The effect of hygrothermal and climatic aging on the deformation patterns of thermoplastics with linear (organic glass brand СО-120) and rarely cross-linked (organic glass brand BOC-2) structures was investigated. It has been shown that the thermos-moisture-saturation for 132 days at 70°C and humidity of 85% leads to a marked uniaxial tension curves decrease at room temperature and temperatures equal to 0,95 the softening temperature of the respective materials. At the same time exposure to moderately warm climate conditions for 12 months leads to strain curves decrease only at elevated temperatures. This work was performed as part of the comprehensive scientific areas 2.2. «Qualification and materials research» («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030»)
    Keywords: organic glass, strain curve, rubber-like elastic strain, hygrothermal aging, climatic aging

    №2, 2016
    УДК 621.792.053
    Petrova A.P.1, Lukina N.Ph.1, I.A. Sharova1, V. M. Bouznik1
  • [1] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • Operability of glues and materials on their basisin the conditions close to conditions of the Arctic
    The analysis of properties of epoxy adhesives of cold curing, film adhesives of different types and adhesive prepregs with reference to work in the Arctic conditions is provided. Data on water resistance and water absorption of curing film adhesives are provided. Possibilities of use of adhesive bonds are considered at temperature -60°С. Рroperties of composite materials on the basis of adhesive prepregs and change of their properties at operation in weather conditions of Yakutsk. Work is executed within implementation of the complex scientific direction 15.1: Multifunction adhesives systems. («The strategic directions of development of materials and technologies of their processing for the period till 2030»)
    Keywords: epoxy adhesives, film adhesives, adhesive prepregs, water resistance, frost resistance.

    №5, 2015
    УДК 621.793.1
    The analysis and forecasting of operational damages of coverings of TiN at influence of climatic factors and corrosion and active environments
    Effect of vacuum ion plasma coating parameters on part operation abilities was studied. Comparative analysis showed an insufficiency of coating perfection factors specified by drawing technical requirements and parameters and parameters required to provide parts operation abilities. Studies Quality specifications of TiN coated parts working under influence of climatic factors and corrosion-active media were developed. The necessity of standard preparation re-gulating coating perfection factors was established.
    Keywords: surface roughness, coating thickness, microhardness.