Material processing technologies

№5, 2016
УДК 66.017
Izakov I.A.1, Kapitanenko D.V.2, Bazhenov A.R.2
  • [2] Federal State Unitary Enterprise All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials State Research Center of the Russian Federation
  • Research of parameters of technological processes of isothermal deformation
    Results of theoretical and experimental researches of isothermal deformation technological processes parameters are presented in this article. The influence of thermal effect of plastic deformation and dynamic recrystallization at depending on temperature and speed on the strain resistance and the influence of isothermal deformation rate at die working life are investigated. The method of evaluating the true temperature of the metal during deformation under isothermal conditions, based on the energy account, spent on the plastic deformation and heat removed from the workpiece is proposed. The method of calculating the optimum strain rate taking into account the creep of the die material is proposed. The creep curves of die material at a constant temperature is used. Some results (influence of deformation thermal effect on dynamic recrystallization, for example) were used for dynamic softening experimental researches results analyzing.
    Keywords: recrystallization, deformation, die tooling , isothermal deformation.